Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine's Cake Bites

For Valentine's Day I really wanted to make heart shaped cake bites. I thought they would be oh so cute dipped in red and pink candy melts. I had to search and search though for a small heart shaped cookie cutter. I should have started my search about a month earlier so I could have ordered one online! I finally had to settle on a two-piece cookie cutter that had a smaller heart inside of a bigger heart. It worked just fine!

I started off with making a yellow cake and then added pink gel food coloring until it became a nice hot pink color. Then, I mixed the cake with vanilla frosting dyed pink to make sure that the cake bites would stay pink. Next, I formed them into hearts. Pretty, pink hearts!

The next step was to dip the bottoms of the hearts into chocolate flavored almond bark. Then, after those hardened, I dipped the tops of the hearts into either red or pink candy melts and topped each one with a heart shaped sprinkle.

As you will see in the pictures the hearts aren't quite as smooth as they should be (or, probably more accurate, as I want them to be). If I do these again like this I'm going to start with the colored candy melts so this side stays more smooth since the chocolate bottoms were nice and smooth. Or, I could find a cookie cutter and a candy mold that are the same size and make them that way with only having to dip once. That would be the easiest solution I think!

I love how
cute they look on the outside. All pretty in pink and red dressed up for Valentine's Day, and then you bite into them and you get more pink! You can't go wrong with all this pink!!

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