Monday, February 22, 2010

Chocolate Pudding Cookies

Who would have thought that adding a chocolate pudding mix to a cookie recipe would end up in the most delicious cookies ever? Not me! I was searching through some recipes on the Tasty Kitchen blog, just reading up and trying to find something interesting, when I came upon the recipe for Chocolate Pudding Cookies. The cookies looked so delicious I had to try them! I ran out to the grocery store and bought some instant pudding mix. The cookies turned out so, so, so yummy! This picture is from the second batch I made over the weekend. I had some white chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate swirl chips leftover from a previously failed experiment, so I thought I'd try these instead of the usual milk chocolate chips I gravitate toward. I think these chips were made for this cookie! This recipe is definitely becoming a staple in my house!

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