Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pink Cupcakes!

I finally made a pink cupcake to match my blog name! Figured I needed to make them eventually! These cupcakes were made out of Funfetti Valentine's edition cake mix. I love, love, love Funfetti and will still use a mix to make these! How can you not love a cupcake with sprinkles inside of it? It's just screams FUN at you!!!

Look at h
ow cute they look without frosting! And look at how cute my cupcake liners are! I've had these same Valentine lines for years! I bought them both at the same time in packets of 40 or so, and have made cupcakes almost every year trying to use them up. I still have a few of each left after this year too!

I had to frost these in pink frosting topped with more sprinkle
s, this time with hearts added in for even more fun! I really wanted the cupcake to be pink as well, but I didn't add in enough food color gel to change the color. I think it's peachy now, not pink. At least the frosting is pretty in pink!

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