Sunday, January 3, 2010

Monster Truck Cake

My nephew is turning 5 and his most favorite thing is monster trucks, El Toro Loco to be exact. So, I decided to try and make a monster truck shaped cake. After doing some online research, I found most of the cakes were made from a truck shaped cake pan, of course. But, I found a few sites that listed how people did it by hand. The one I decided to try used two loaf pans instead of a 9x13 pan. I went out and bought the only loaf pans I could find, a devil's food cake mix and lots of frosting. I really wanted to make the cake from scratch with a new recipe I have, but thought I would play it safe for this cake so I could focus all of my energy on the look of the cake without worrying about if the new recipe tasted okay. In other words, I cheated! But I know how to make a cake mix taste amazing - buttermilk instead of water and an extra egg. My cakes always turn out nice and moist using these substitutions!

I'm pretty sure the loaf pans I used were slightly too small. I was actually half afraid that they cake would pouf out of the top and get all over the oven! Luckily, they didn't make a mess, but I ended up having to cut them down quite a bit to make them flat, which I feel is a huge waste of yummy cake! I left one loaf whole for the body of the truck, cut 1/3 of the other loaf for the cab and used the rest for the bottom of the cake to lift the truck. It doesn't look much like a monster truck yet, but at this point I'm holding out hope that it will start to take shape once I start frosting it! I actually thought it looked more like a submarine at this point!

Garrett wanted his cake to look like El Toro Loco. I don't follow monster truck racing so I had to use Google images to find a few pictures. In some pictures his truck look orange, and in others more red. Since Garrett loves orange I decided to go more orange. I was hoping to get an orangish-red, but no matter how much food coloring I added, it still looked orange. And not just orange, but hunter orange. So, the color was a little brighter than El Toro Loco! I used black for the windows and back of the truck, and used chocolate frosting for the bottom lift to help camouflage it. I was also hoping that it would like more like mud than anything! Here is what it looked like at this point, and I'm still very worried that this isn't going to look like a monster truck!

Still looks like a submarine, huh?!!

I then attached chocolate donuts (thanks to my hubby for checking three places to find all chocolate donuts that weren't broken!) for the wheels. And that's when the cake started taking shape! I dipped pretzel rods in vanilla candy coating and colored the ends red with gel frosting for El Toro's horns, used the red to try and make flames on the side and added a little decoration to the front to try and resemble El Toro a little bit more. The finished product looks like a monster truck, but not really like El Toro. I couldn't do his teeth or the flames properly. Here is what it finally looked like ...

The cake turned out okay. Most importantly it was a hit with Garrett! He loved it and thought it looked like El Toro Loco. His favorite part to eat was, of course, the part I didn't make - the donut wheels!


  1. great job kris!! he said it tasted really good and he was so excited he got his 'el toro loco' cake! Crazy bull ;)


  2. Great job you have talent to bake a nice cake of monster truck. I can not bake a simple cake you are were creative give me some tips to make a good cake like you