Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Other Shaped Cakes

After yesterday's post, I went through some pictures I have of my past attempts at shaped cakes and figured I would share them.

The first shaped cake I ever made was a NASCAR racetrack cake for my husband. He loves NASCAR and I wanted to attempt to make a car, but thought that was a little too ambitious. So, I decided to make a racetrack and just place some small diecast cars on top. The colors around the cake symbolize the different flags used - yellow caution, red caution, white flag, and checkered flag. Looking back, I wish I knew what a crumb coat was, but it didn't turn out too bad I guess!

The next cake was for a one-year-old birthday girl. This one was easy! I cut out a "1" freehand and used pink frosting with pink sprinkles. I did a little piping around the edges with purple frosting, and added some Littlest Pet Shop characters. I was proud of this one!

I also did a football shaped cake for my brother this past October. I don't really like this one. There is a lot of things I would do different. One, I would shave the top of the cake down so it wouldn't look so lopsided on top, and also change the frosting so you can see the Vikings logo. The purple gel frosting just didn't show up on this one! I used chocolate ganache frosting for the first time ever on this cake and I am proud of that though! It tasted super yummy!

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