Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Cupcakes

I found super cute Christmas baking cups during my last trip to Walmart and I had to make cupcakes. I wanted to try something different so I became adventurous in my cupcake making. I did just a basic yellow cake. I filled the cups 1/3 full, baked them for 7 minutes, then put a caramel piece in them and Kit Kat pieces. After that, I topped the cupcakes with the remaining batter. They looked so good when they came out of the oven!

Then came the fun part - decorating! I had six blue baking cups and six red, white and green ones. I started out by drawing what I wanted to do - snow, snowflakes, snowmen, peppermint swirls and Christmas trees. My drawings were cuter than the actual cupcakes though! I need to have more practice piping. My snowflakes were a little shaky looking. My first tree just looked like a green blob, but I learned for the second one! My favorites are the snowmen!

The best part is that these cupcakes taste delicious!!!

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