Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Cupcake Bites

Because cake bites were such a hit I decided to amp it up a little for Christmas and make cupcake bites. I figured they'd be easier to make more festive looking. Bakerella had some on her website that were made with candy molds with a cake bite placed on top; I wanted to imitate those, but I couldn't find round candy molds in my tiny little town. So, I decided to take her cupcake pop recipe and just use that to make cupcake bites. My final conclusion: I love them!!!

First, I made two types of cake - chocolate banana and red velvet - and mixed them both with cream cheese frosting. I rolled them into ovals and pushed the bottoms through a small, star shaped cookie cutter while rounding the top part to make a cupcake like shape. I didn't think they looked like cupcakes at first; more alien like! However, I kept going. Here's what they looked like at this point ... First is the chocolate banana and second picture is the red velvet.

After being in the freezer for about 30 minutes, I took them out and dipped the bottom part (the star shape) in melted chocolate flavored almond bark. I turned the cake bite upside down on waxed paper to let the chocolate set. After letting the chocolate set, I dipped the rest of the cake (the mounded top) in red or green candy melts. I dipped the red velvet in red, and the chocolate banana in green to easily tell them apart. I also added a holiday M&M to the top and sprinkles to make them more festive. About halfway through dipping, one of the cupcakes fell apart so I had to freeze them again for 10 minutes to harden them back up, but after that it went pretty well.

I think that these are the best looking cake bites I've made! They turned out so cute!! But be warned, they are a little messy and are more time consuming then plain cake bites since you have to freeze them in between steps. However, I think the end result is worth it! I taste tested each flavor, and love them both, but do like the chocolate banana a little better! I have my husband to thank for suggesting that flavor!

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